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Summer Squad Planning

Hey Team, we’re starting to do some planning as we head into the summer season. I’d love to get your input to help me plan Open Water sessions and extra morning squad sessions to make sure everyone can have an awesome session.

We're just planning at the moment, so if you have any feedback additional to this please share it with us

What day would you join an open water training @ Castor Bay beach in summer?

  • Tuesday morning @ 6.30am

  • Thursday Morning @ 6.30am

  • Tuesday or Thursday morning would work for me

  • No, I get enough vitamin sea

Would you join an additional squad session in the morning?

  • Yes, at Milford School pool

  • Yes, at Glenfield

  • Yes, at Milford School if there were showers

  • No, the current session are enough 🥵

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