Please get in touch if you get stuck with any of the bookings. We are here to help. 

If you want use prepaid packages, please buy them first and then book in. 


SQUAD:  (includes pool entry): Drop-in $17.50 (60 min session) / $25.00 (90 min session) or $15 (5 session card)/ $12.50 (10 session card)

The first session is always on us! Use a promo code Welcome when you do your booking! 

10 session card: $125 (valid 3 months and can use for any session)

5 session card: $75

1 on 1 & LEARN TO SWIM:  (includes pool entry): $100 (50 min) and 5 lessons package $420

VIDEO ANALYSIS: (includes pool entry): $180 (90min)/ follow-up $120 (60min)


If you can't find a suitable time for private coaching we can always arrange another time, please call 021 129 9298