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Video Analysis

Video analysis is our premium service that is suitable for every level of swimmer It is a powerful way to understand what is holding you back in order to become more efficient in the water or why you might have plateaued-off with your performance. Video analysis is suitable if you have just started with your freestyle journey or if you are top of the class. The session is laid out as follows: - In-depth analysis of your stroke will be recorded, so you can always return to the feedback to refresh your understanding - You will be compared with elite/age group/Olympic swimmers to highlight correct technique and to help visualize what efficient technique should look like - We will go through a set of specific stroke correction drills that will help you to improve your stroke efficiency according to the analysis. - A take-home training plan to ensure you maximize your application of your new strokes going forwards. - All the recorded material will be sent to you via WeTransfer for you to download and keep.

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellations for a booked squad session, video analysis or one to one coaching has to be done at least ten (10) hours in advance in order to receive a refund. All session credits must be used prior to the expiry date.

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