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Triathlon swim coach Merle Maud


​As a global Swim Smooth team (learn more), we have comprehensive knowledge and coaching methodology based on proven methods and sports science to get you to the next level. Whilst focused on working with you to achieve your next fitness targets; we also care about the motivation and why sport is part of your lifestyle.


At Swim Smooth Auckland, we value your time, and make sure that each session has a key focus to develop you into a more efficient and faster swimmer. We offer swim coaching within our uniquely supportive environment for adults, whether novice or experienced master, triathlete or marathon swimmer.

Alongside our weekly squad sessions that cover all your training needs for any freestyle event, we offer our premium one-on-one Video Analysis and Stroke Correction Sessions for those who would like extra focus on their stroke technique.

If you want the highest quality swim coaching and are serious about improving your enjoyment and swimming efficiency for whatever purpose, then Swim Smooth Auckland is for you!


How WE Can Help You

We love to train smart using technology and coaching methodology that is based on sports science. All our sessions are focused on key areas that will make you faster, using the time effectively and training in correct zones. We use Swim Smooth developed CSS training for accuracy and best outcomes. Plus, our squad members are fantastic and welcome any newcomers!

6 focused weekly session.


Specific focus areas;

  • Technique

  • Strength

  • Threshold

  • Endurance

  • Improving beginners 

Swim Smooth Video Analysis is our premium service that is suitable for every level of swimmer. It is a powerful way to understand what is holding you back or why your performance might have plateaued. 

Merle has done 400+ swim analyses and uses Swim Smooth knowledge and software to give you the best experience. 

What do you get: 

  •  filming and real-time analysis using exclusive world-class athlete footage for comparison. 

  • access to Swim Smooth app for all the drills and sessions.  

  • written report with recorded material. 

Swim Smooth Guru

(free Guru access for active squad members)

Swim Smooth Guru

All our videos, stroke insights & 1,000+ Swim Smooth sessions in your pocket, always.

  • Drill library

  • CSS Calculator

  • Fitness tracker

  • Session library

  • Virtual squad sessions

  • iOS App


Want something more tailored plan for your next event?


We have experience from Learn to Swim challenges up to Channel Crossing training knowledge to get you the best results. 

Wetsuit background.jpg

in collaboration with PURPOSE we have a range of

deboer performance wetsuits you can trial in either the pool or open water. 

Drop us an email to arrange a trial

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EndureIQ Coaching

Triathlon coach and EndureIQ resident swim expert. Merle coaches athletes racing both full and 70.3 Ironman from novice to world championship qualification.



I unreservedly recommend Merle Talviste at Swim Smooth Auckland. She spent 90 mins completely focussed on me and how I could alter my swimming technique during the Video Analysis session we did together. It was the best investment I have made in my swimming training to date. Following our session, I even managed to get on the podium in a recent ocean swim event, for the first time! Thank you Merle, you rock!


Merle is a knowledgeable and patient coach who is meticulous in her approach. She helps to not just improve your stroke, but motivate you to train as well. I enjoyed my stroke analysis session which I learnt so much from, and am enjoying the squad sessions!


If you are serious about improving your swimming then you definitely need to check out Swim Smooth Auckland!

Merle is an amazing coach with an incredible amount of knowledge and experience. She has a proven record of delivering the Swim Smooth method around the world and is a successful athlete in her own right. She genuinely cares about her athletes and loves seeing them smash their goals

With 1x 90min Video Analysis session and 10 weeks of CSS specific training, I took 4:59 off my IM70.3 (1900m) swim time. Same course, similar conditions but 16sec/100m faster!

CSS training with the tempo trainer keeps you engaged and motivated throughout the entire session and makes training fun! The famous Red Mist workouts will ensure you are pushing your limits and taking your swimming to the next level.

Come and join us - you won't regret it!


100% a no brainer. We couldn't recommend SSA enough. The Video Analysis is absolutely worth it if you want to progress and get better. Yes it's raw and exposes what you need to see. And then coach Merle gives you the task and guides you through. She listens to you and understands the root to change the outcome.

We are so happy to be working with them and can see our swimming improving. The drills? So fun! The sessions? With a lot of sense and zero junk miles!


Since joining SwimSmooth Singapore, I’ve fallen in love with swimming! 

Merle has the unique ability to push athletes while keeping swim training dynamic and enjoyable. 

In a video analysis session, Merle recommended I make a few adjustments to my stroke to be more efficient through the water. Ever since, I’ve felt like a new swimmer!

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