It all started as a dream of becoming one in the hundreds of passionate and dedicated triathletes who will join the upcoming races this year, though it felt like I'm a bit late to start at this point in my life. Yet with all the encouragement and wisdom I have earned through Merle's classes I got to experience my first triathlon as a real champion in my heart. 
For the new confidence I have as a swimmer now, I owe it to Coach Merle BIG time!

Merle, You just don't train.. You inspire


Swimming can be a solitary sport but squad sessions are the highlights of the week I look forward to! Merle has a keen eye for spotting issues and strikes a good balance of pushing us without dampening our spirits. It is encouraging to see us collectively growing stronger. She explains the drills clearly, preps us well for our races whilst keeping the training honest. The video analysis was enlightening which I did leading up to my first attempt at a 5km open water event - swimming is smoother and has helped to build confidence in open water swimming so am very much looking forward to getting better at a sport I love!

Merle is AMAZING! The sessions always make you come away feeling like you are improving. Already within a few weeks I feel more confident and feel like my technique is improving.

I have nothing but praise and appreciation of what you did with me to bring me up to speed with my swimming and to teach me the very basic to the most advanced technique that I needed to learn and understand before I can think to swim! Not able to swim 25m without being exhausted and nervous to swimming over 2k in an open water as well as pool is credit to you and for that I am so grateful.

Highly recommend. Joined Swim Smooth after being stuck around the 2:00+ pace for months on end. After just a couple months at squad, and an incredibly insightful and helpful video analysis of my stroke, my pacing dropped 15 seconds per 100m!!! Merle is so knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to help you succeed. She genuinely cares about each of her swimmers, and knows exactly how much and when to push each individual to keep them smashing goals. Her squad sessions are tough, and definitely challenge you no matter what pace you're at. Just can't say enough good things, and would highly recommend!

Learnt so much in the short time I was swimming with Merle and in her swim smooth squad. Started as a beginner with the video analysis. It was a perfect starting point to see all the mistakes I was making. Swimming was a real struggle but with Merle's excellent guidance and coaching it went from barely swimming 25m and out of breath to now confidently swimming over 500m without stopping. For me in three months its much more than I ever expected. Thank you Merle

Since joining SwimSmooth Singapore, I’ve fallen in love with swimming! 

Merle has the unique ability to push athletes while keeping swim training dynamic and enjoyable. 

Before joining the SSS squad, I swam out of necessity, not because I enjoyed it. I needed to at least be able to float in the swim leg of triathlons!

Now that I attend multiple squad sessions most weeks, I am more confident than ever in the water. 

In a video analysis session, Merle recommended I make a few adjustments to my stroke to be more efficient through the water. Ever since, I’ve felt like a new swimmer! 

The atmosphere Merle creates at squad sessions is relaxed yet structured, and progressive while maintaining focus on the basics. She challenges everyone and gets the individual best out of each athlete, and does it all with a smile. Merle genuinely loves coaching swimmers! 

I cannot imagine my training schedule not including squad sessions with SwimSmooth Singapore and Merle! Both are absolute game-changers!

Have been swimming with Merle since August 2016... and have loved every session. She is a brilliant coach and has set up a great squad here in Dubai. Swimming is a very solitary sport but Swimming with Merle and her group was always fun and social and my times in the pool have come down significantly too. Just keep swimming....