Triathlon and distance swimming coaching




  • Coaching is based on the world-renowned ‘Swim Smooth’ methods, which focuses on specific swimming fitness and individual swimming technique.

  • A variety of swimming sessions each week to cover all your training needs

  • High-quality professional coaching

  • Regular benchmarking to demonstrate your improvement that will happen!

  • Stroke correction and development feedback

  • Squad numbers managed to maximise the opportunity for quality training.

  • Fun & social squad that includes some positive competition!




To get the most out of these sessions, you should ideally be able to swim 200m of front crawl in one go.

Swimmers are grouped in the lanes according to their threshold pace. We cater from novices and improvers right up to the advanced swimmers.​ We ensure that each of you gets quality sessions and don't need to fight over lane space. 

If you are still in doubt, give us a call, and we can work out the best option for you to take your swimming to the next level! 


EASY! We don't ask you joining fee or quarterly commitment as we know LIFE HAPPENS! 

  • The first session is always on us. Use promo code WELCOME as you check out!

  • You can buy 5 or 10 session cards to use them for up to 2 or 3 months accordingly. It is valid to use for any session (60 or 90 min). We ask you to book in before you come and reduce the credit from your account. 

  • Or you can buy a one-off session from time to time when you can tag along! 




After a busy weekend, this is a great way to start your week. This session will focus on technique work to refine your stroke. Take your time and focus on YOU! The goal is to improve form and efficiency for your long-distance swimming.


There will be minimal emphasis on target times during this session. Instead, we keep you focused primarily on certain aspects of your technique. 

We typically focus on one to two key areas during the session to ensure you get the drills' full benefit. 

Squad members will get access to drill videos that we are using in the sessions. (coming!)

You will get feedback through the headsets if you wish! 


What to bring:

fins, p.buoy, bands and paddles 

Cost: 12.50$ with 10 session card or 17.50$ (both include pool entry)




If you think Pure Technique is not really your cup of tea early in the morning, then our evening session will give a great taste of each of our weekly sessions: 
- a bit of technique/open water skills
- a bit of strength work
- a bit of speed 
- some longer challenging ''redmist'' intervals 

A great mixed bag session that gets your blood pumping. It's dynamic depending on what we have in the race calendar. But we guarantee it will have everything that you can expect from an engaging Swim Smooth session! 


What to bring:

fins, p.buoy, bands and paddles 

Cost: 12.50$ with 10 session card or 17.50$ (both include pool entry)


THRESHOLD - 5.30 - 6.30am WEDNESDAY 


If you want to enhance your speed in the pool and the open water over distances greater than 400m, then this is the place to start. 


It's an excellent challenging session and relies upon you knowing your current CSS (threshold) pace. If you haven't done testing, no worries, we have expertise on how to solve that. 

Intervals will range from 50m to 800m, and we will be using Tempo Trainers to maximise the pacing skill training. Swim Smooth are proud to bring CSS training to the wider swimming community and see HUGE swim gains!

There will be a few drills and a few sprints, but most of the session is focused on you maintaining your racing speed and becoming sufficient to hold your form. 


What to bring:

fins, p.buoy, bands and paddles 

Cost: 12.50$ with 10 session card or 17.50$ (both include pool entry)




Don’t really want to join a busy squad or maybe don’t feel confident, but would love to brush up some technique and build up your swimming fitness again? This is a great session that has been a hit for swimmers who are new to the sport and want to complete swimming events in near future:)!

We focus on technique, together with your stamina and fitness. It will get you ready to join the main squad if you wish and build your confidence in the water. With limited numbers to allow focused coaching.

You should be able to swim at least 50m freestyle to join.

We love being part of your journey! 


What to bring:

fins, p.buoy, bands and paddles 

Cost: 12.50$ with 10 session card or 17.50$ (both include pool entry)


RED MIST - 5.30 - 7.00am FRIDAY 


Are you ready to become a diesel engine and swim your next race without burning through the matches too soon? 

The infamous "Red Mist" Long Endurance Session is one tough 90-minute session. 


This session tests your mental and physical toughness, preparing you for long-distance racing (half and full distance triathlons or open water races). Interval distances range from multiple 50m intervals up to 1000+m with very little rest.

Depending on the timing of the season, we focus on either building your swim specific strength (paddles +p.buoy mostly) or honing up the race-specific pacing and fitness. 


What to bring:

p.buoy, bands and paddles 

Cost: 12.50$ with 10 session card or 25$ (both include pool entry)


OCEAN SWIM - 9.30 - 10.30am every 2nd Sunday (Takapuna/castor bay)


During the summer period, we are doing every second Sunday social Open Water session either in Takapuna Beach or Castor Bay (depending on weather).

This session allows you to put all your technique and pacing skills into play in the ocean and get ready for your events. Even though it is not coached session it has structure and we practice key elements to get you faster in open water. 

The group is divided in ability groups: 

 1. Group 2.20 - 2min/100m/ 2.Group 2 - 1.45min/100m/ 3.Group faster than 1.45min/100m 

This session is done without surf lifesavers & all at own risk.

We are swimming 15 Jan, 29 Jan, 12 Feb, 26 Feb, 12 March, 26 March


What to bring:

toa float ( must Group1), paddles 

Cost: 0$